Cost To Retire In Prague

Where do you plan on living when you retire? If you’re like most people, you probably want to head to Florida where you can enjoy a sandy beach, hot sun and surf twenty-four/seven, fifty-two weeks a year. But if you’re looking for something completely different; a place where the Bohemian lifestyle was practically invented, then considering selling the house and moving to Prague.

The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is renowned as the cultural center of the now predominately united Europe. This is an ancient city of cobblestones, soaring towers and castles. Dubbed “the mother of cities,” “the golden city” and a “city with a hundred Spires,” this enclave of 1.2 million people is situated on the River Vltava in Bohemia. As you might expect of a city that has survived the centuries, it contains some of the most breathtaking and unique architectural urban landscapes in modern Europe. It is also a living museum.

Located in the center of Europe with Poland on one side and Germany on the other, it is the perfect central location for those would-be ex-patriots who plan on taking full advantage of the reliable European rail system in order to tour its breathtaking cities and countryside. As for the weather, Prague is officially listed as having a “Mild Continental Climate” which essentially means it’s no hotter and colder than Philadelphia, PA. Its economy is “booming.” That however, doesn’t mean the prices are out of this world. But what is out of this world is its beauty and relaxed atmosphere of artisans, adventurers and world travelers.

The Cultural Center Of The World

If ever a European city played host to an enormous amount of cultural events, Prague is it. Home to some of the most prominent cultural institutions and galleries such as the National Theatre, Library and Gallery, it is also the place for concert halls- literally, hundreds of them. Cinemas and “live music” clubs thrive here as well. They’re also cheap. For example, the cost of taking in a current movie might run you $4.00 US .

Speaking of music, the annual Prague Spring International Music Festival plays host to an eclectic array of musicians and musical styles from around the globe. The Prague Writer’s Festival, the Karlovy International Film Festival and World Roma Festival are all eagerly awaited and very affordable annual events. Taking in these events as a spectator will usually cost you nothing. Some offer a pay as you eat, drink, watch or play option.

Prague is also earning reputation for its eateries, be they low budget, four star or somewhere in between. Whether its sausage roasted over open coals in the middle of Wenceslas Square or a sumptuous six course meal at Allegro, which recently received the1st Michelin Star for a four star eatery in the whole of post-communist Eastern Europe, this ancient city can feed any ex-patriot well on any budget. Eating a meal at an inexpensive restaurant might run $6.00 US per person, while a multi-course meal in an expensive place averages around $30.00 US per person.

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