Cost To Retire In Italy

You’ve probably heard the Italian phrase, “La Dolce Vita.” In English, this translates to “the sweet life,” which is a perfect description of what it would be like to retire to Italy. In fact, this charming country just may be the perfect spot if you want to spend your senior years living in peace and beauty.

A Country Rich With Diversity

There’s something for almost everyone in Italy. The landscape is rich with diversity, whether you want to live in the rustic countryside, prefer the bustling pace of a city or opt to live by the beach. Each region has its own characteristics as well. But no matter where you choose to live, hopefully you will be close enough to take advantage of the wealth of cultural activities that exist in Italy. The opera, art galleries, fine restaurants, old-world architecture, universities, vineyards and a variety of outdoor sports are enjoyed by Italians of all ages on a regular basis.

The Benefits of Living in Italy

To know Italy is to love it, at least according to many expatriates who have discovered the magic of living there. But if you aren’t yet sold on the country, here are some of the benefits it has to offer:

  • A warm, friendly atmosphere. Italians are known for being very hospitable, so it should be easy to make new friends and quickly feel at home in this country. Some Italians speak English, but not all, so it helps to learn the language so you can communicate well wherever you go in the country.
  • Reasonable cost of living in more rural areas. Many people think that living in Italy is expensive, which is true overall, but property prices and rent can be very affordable if you live outside of the big cities. Shop local brands and food and avoid imported items to get the most for your money.
  • Strong healthcare system. If you are lucky enough to be a native Italian or have European citizenship, you may qualify for free healthcare under the national system. Keep in mind that Americans usually have to pay for their own healthcare. While the cost varies depending on age and circumstances, you will find consistently high medical care.
  • Excellent food. You’ll find inexpensive restaurants galore where you can drop in to enjoy the regional specialties, and you’ll also find inexpensive marketplaces where you can buy your own local ingredients. Most Italians shop every day to get the freshest items for their meals.

Challenges To Consider

Cost To Retire In Italy

While you’ll enjoy lots of charm if you decide to adapt the old-world traditions you will find in Italy, you will also need to be prepared to face some daily challenges in the lifestyle there, since some of the modern conveniences Americans take for granted are in short supply in the more rural Italian countryside. For instance, some areas have a shortage of electricity, making this commodity very expensive. There also are limited phone connections in certain sections, so it is harder to stay connected to other areas. In addition, since not all Italians speak English, this can make it harder to communicate if you are unable to converse in Italian. Further, there are new tax benefits in Italy that benefit many Europeans but do not apply for Americans. Finally, a multitude of paperwork is typically involved if you want to move to Italy; the good news is that if you are retired, you won’t need to earn a living there, so the process is much easier to manage.

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